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Merida bikecamp, NTG summercamp, Bukkerittet MTB race, DNT Singletrack MTB camp, Skeikampen rundt XC race, Skeikampen opp hill run.

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Skeikampen Opplevelser offer maintenans and repairs on your equipment. 

Over the past few years, Skeikampen has been the first to offer snow cover in autumn and has the best skiing conditions in the country.

Check the status of lifts and downhill runs.

Improve your skiing skills, and learn proper technique from some of the most proficient ski instructors in the country.

Skeikampen Alpine Centre has 11 lifts (incl. 2 carpet lifts) and 21 runs – covering an impressive 21 kilometres in total.

Prices – 2016/2017 season