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With its spectacular scenery, Skeikampen is an ideal winter destination with fantastic cross country skiing and slalom opportunities – along perfect tracks in the mountains. Families looking for an active holiday together will find plenty to do, such as skiing, snow shoeing, fishing, dog sledding and numerous other activities!



Skeikampen Wellness Centre

Welcome to Skeikampen Wellness Centre at Thon Hotel Skeikampen.

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Kiting at Skeikampen

Skeikampen is ideal for kiting, with large mountain areas without vegetation and good wind conditions.

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Snowshoe walks – a whole new nature experience

Put on some snowshoes, and explore nature in a completely different way.

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Cross-country skiing is best at Skeikampen

Experience cross-country skiing, and explore the spectacular network of trails in the world of Peer Gynt.

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Randonee at Skeikampen

The mountains at Skeikampen are perfect for some alpine touring.

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Children’s Skeikampen

Skeikampen is ideal for children of all ages, and there are activities on offer for everyone.

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Alpine skiing

Skeikampen Alpine Centre is a gem for families with children, freestyle skiers, and off-piste enthusiasts.

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As the first of its kind to play host to both Norgescup Freeski Big Air and KiddyCamp, the park can boast large as well as small elements of high quality.

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Skei Fjellkirke

Skei Fjellkirke is located at the foot of Skeikampen and is well worth a visit when staying in Skeikampen. 

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Skeikampen is ideal for cycling

Revered as one of Norway’s best cycling destinations, Skeikampen offers everything from MTB trail-riding to gentle, family-friendly bicycle rides along pleasant country lanes.

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Skeikampen's spectacular hikes have attracted tourists to the area for the past 140 years.

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Fishing at Skeikampen

Skeikampen offers diverse, high-quality fishing experiences all year round. You will find everything from large Arctic char, trout, and pike for the more experienced angler, to family-friendly fishing for small trout and perch.

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Enjoy a round of golf immersed in spectacular mountain scenery – at the highest course in the Nordics!

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Swimming at Skeikampen

Skeikampen has a number of excellent swimming spots, ideal for BBQs, fun and games, and long relaxing days in the sun.

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Topptrimmen – the Gausdal 10-peak challenge

Discover new hiking destinations throughout the summer with the Gausdal peak hike challenge.

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Geocaching at Skeikampen

Join in the world's greatest treasure hunt! There are over 100 geocaches waiting to be discovered around Skeikampen.

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Recreational orienteering at Skeikampen

Would you like to try orienteering?

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