Try our most popular “play equipment” for children and adults young at heart.

Skeikampen got a brand new pump track in summer 2014, and in summer 2015 we built a completely new skills development area for bike enthusiasts. The pump track can be found at the back of Skeikampen Velkomstsenter, and is open for everyone. It has become our most popular “playground” for children as well as adults.

A pump track is a bike circuit of some 130 m, with bumps, jumps, and berms. You use the jumps and rollers to see how fast you can go without pedalling. It is a training facility for active bikers (practice to maintain their speed in the terrain), and a fun circuit for children and playful adults.

The skills development area is located between Peer Gyntvegen and Skeikampen Velkomstsenter, and is also open for everyone.

It is suitable for most, and has a bermed circuit of approx. 500 m with various skills elements, such as balancing logs, boulders, large wheels, and a rock garden, at the centre. The facility has been designed to challenge every rider – whether you are a child or an experienced cyclist. vIt can be used free of charge, and bikes can be rented from Skeikampen Opplevelser.