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Skeikampen's spectacular hikes have attracted tourists to the area for the past 140 years.

Peak hike to Skeikampen – 1124 m a.s.l.

Lengde: 5,6 km
Stigning: 340 m
Passer for: Barn fra 6 år

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S10 Bjørga Round (Bjørgarunden)

Difference in altitude:
Highest point: 950 m a.s.l.

Stunning, family-friendly hike through a beautiful area with cabins and forests, and with spectacular views of Gausdal and Lillehammer. Starting point is Austlid Fjellstue.

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S9 Svarttjern Trail (Svarttjernstien)

Length: 13.9 km
Difference in altitude:
Highest point: 1093 m a.s.l.

Beautiful hike in varied mountain and forest terrain.

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S8 Slagsfjell Round (Slagsfjellrunden)

Length: 22.7 km
Difference in altitude: Highest point: 1187 m a.s.l.

Long, spectacular hike across two mountain plateaus in terrain ranging from rural farmland to high-mountain scenery, with stunning views of the national parks Langsua, Jotunheimen, and Rondane.

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S7 Prestkampen

Length: 1.3 km
Difference in altitude: 300 m
Highest point: 1244 m a.s.l.

Spectacular hike to the region’s highest peak. Can easily be extended with a trip to Bånseterkampene. Spectacular 360° panorama at the top, with Jotunheimen and Rondane national parks as backdrop.

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S6 Skeikampen Round – long (Skeikampen rundt)

Length: 12.6 km
Difference in altitude: 362 m
Highest point 1039 m a.s.l.

Spectacular hike along well-maintained trails and dirt roads, leading through a beautiful mountain-farm landscape.

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S5 Skeikampen Round – short (Skeikampen rundt)

Length: 8.5 km
Difference in altitude: 315 m
Highest point: 1057 m a.s.l.

A spectacular round-trip, showcasing the varied scenery Skeikampen has to offer. Suitable for hikers of most abilities.

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S4 Paradis

Length: 0.8 km (one way)
Difference in altitude:
Suitable for: Families with children

Short, child-friendly trip to idyllic Paradis. Perfect for BBQs, fishing, and swimming on a hot summer’s day.

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S3 Kyrakampen Round (Kyrakampenrunden)

Difference in altitude: 362 m
Highest point: 950 m a.s.l.

Family-friendly hike through gentle forest and mountain terrain, with excellent fishing and swimming opportunities.

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S2 Helgafossen Falls (Helgafossenrunden)

Length: 4.6 km
Difference in altitude: 85 m
Level of difficulty: Medium

Technical ride along a historic river trail dating back at least 100 years. Ideal as an evening trip on the day of arrival.

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S1 Mountain Farm Explorer (Seterrunden)

Length: 3.9 km
Difference in altitude: 131 m
Highest point: 874 m a.s.l.

Family-friendly hike on dirt roads through a beautiful, diverse landscape.

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S13 Panorama Trail (Panoramastien)

Skeikampen på sine 1123 moh er ikke av de høyeste toppene i landet, men den er lett tilgjengelig.

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Peak hike to Prestkampen

En flott tur for dere som har litt turerfaring eller en kort topptur om du kjører bil inn til Torsdalen

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