Length: 22.7 km
Difference in altitude: Highest point: 1187 m a.s.l.

Long, spectacular hike across two mountain plateaus in terrain ranging from rural farmland to high-mountain scenery, with stunning views of the national parks Langsua, Jotunheimen, and Rondane.

Route description:

Follow the road up through the alpine centre, and turn right halfway up the hill. Then turn left onto Torsdalsveien. Continue to the end of this road, and then proceed along the trail leading straight ahead. Continue going straight ahead at every junction until you reach the summit between Bånseterkampene and Prestkampen. A detour along the edge of Bånseterkampene is highly recommended. When weather conditions are good, this trail, meandering on the very edge of the cliffs, offers Skeikampen’s best view!

For the Slagsfjell Round, continue straight ahead across the top and then down on the western side of Svartvatnet and down to Skardbua. By Skardbua, follow the way-marked (T) Peer Gynt trail up the first climb. Turn left by the small tarn, and continue across the stream and up the hill towards the top of Slagsfjella. The trail is way-marked with purple (painted on stones). When you reach the summit, you can enjoy views of Langsua to the west, Jotunheimen to the north-west, and Rondane to the north. Continue down the first hill, turn 90 degrees right at the first terrace and follow the trail around in the valley, on the right hand side of Øvre Massingtjernet, and further down on winding dirt trails. When on the brink of the very steep section, an alternative route back to town centre is to turn left onto “Kristianråket” (wooden sign). This will take you across the ridge and down to Ørnkampen where you can follow “S9 Svarttjernstien” all the way back to Skeikampen Velkomstsenter.

To continue the Slagsfjell Round, go straight ahead down the final steep section towards Peer Gyntvegen. Turn left onto Peer Gyntvegen, and follow this for a few hundred metres before you turn right onto the road to Fyksesetra. By the mountain farm, take the trail on the right hand side of the buildings. After Fyksesetra, continue along the trail, across the footbridges, around the southern side of Nisjuvatnet, and then down to Systuggusetra. Turn left on the dirt road 200 m up towards Systuggusetra, and then turn right onto the trail. As you reach Einstadsetra, follow the dirt road straight ahead to Veslesetervegen. Turn left onto Veslesetervegen, and continue across the bridge. Immediately after the bridge, turn right towards Paradis and follow the trail up to the Vesleseter junction where you take the road back to Skeikampen Velkomstsenter.

The route is signposted “S8 Slagsfjellrunden”.