With its 1123 m a.s.l., Skeikampen is not among the highest peaks in the country, but is easily accessible. Walking time to the top is approx. 1 hour. The record for the hill race Skeikampen Opp is just over 13 minutes.

This is a spectacular hike with panoramic views, leading along the ridge of Skeikampen. Breathtaking vistas of the mountains and Peer Gyntvegen, Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell, the golf course, and Skeikampen’s surrounding area.

Route description:

Follow the dirt road towards the top. When the road ends, continue along the slalom course. Choose the route that suits you best.

When you reach the top of the chair lift, follow the trail leading east towards Steinhytta. It is then easy to find the yellow Panorama Trail. Continue along this trail past the top of the innermost ski lift and down to where it crosses the way-marked (T) Peer Gynt trail. The trail to the right is 3 km long, and follows the Skeikampen ridge back. Excellent views of the upper part of the golf course. Alternatively, you can follow the trail to the left for a 4 km walk. This route leads along the western side of the mountain, with views of Peer Gyntvegen, Skeistua, and Skei Fjellkirke.

Did you know...

Tillitten på Skeikampen

Geologi: Tillitten på Skeikampen

Skeikampen består av forsteinete moreneavsetninger tilhørende Hedmarksgruppen som ble avsatt i sen urtid. Formasjonen går under navnet Moelvtillitt.

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