Service on skies and boards at Skeikampen Opplevelser

In order to ensure the best possible skiing experience, the base and edges on your equipment have to be properly maintained. If the base lacks structuring or treatment, the sole will dry out and result in poor glide. Edges have to be tuned to stay sharp for a proper grip when skiing on hard snow and ice. At Skeikampen Opplevelser you can get the best quality of maintenance with the Montana ski workshop. By giving your skis a proper “SPA” treatment, your equipment will last longer and provide far more enjoyable skiing.

At our Montana ski workshop, you can choose between the following service packages:

  Service Prices
Gold service
Base repair NOK 600,-
  Edge tuning  
  Base treatment  
  Wax and polish  
Silver service
Edge tuning NOK 350,-
  Base treatment  
  Wax and polish  
Bronze service Wax and polish NOK 250,-              
   Edge tuning  
Wax hand   Skiis NOK 300,- Snowboards NOK 400,-
Wax Machine   NOK 100,-
Mounting Bindings
  NOK 450,-
Repair   NOK 500,- pr hour
Crosscountry skiis        
Gold Service Full clean NOK 600,-
Silver service Clean NOK 400,-
Bronze service Wax NOK 150,-