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We have certified instructors and trainers, and offer courses in various disciplines. Our teaching method provides a safe framework in which you develop your skiing skills.

6 good reasons to take courses organized by Skeikampen Snowsports Academy

1. Security

Skiing can be great fun, but also dangerous if you don't take the right precautions. Safety is alpha and omega when it comes to skiing. You won't have fun if you struggle and injure yourself while skiing. A good way to ensure a good experience is to take a lesson with a professionally trained instructor. The instructor's task is to ensure that you learn skiing skills and knowledge of the ski rules so that you are able to make good choices every time you are on the slopes.

2. Damage prevention

Accidents happen. They are inevitable, especially when learning a new sport. Having knowledge of the ski equipment and being comfortable using it can help keep you injury-free.

Knee injuries are a common injury in skiing accidents, so having the equipment correctly adjusted to the skier's ability is essential to avoid unnecessary injuries. After a ski lesson, the instructor can give you the exact information that a ski technician needs to know when setting up your equipment.

To avoid injuries, it is also important that you have the right skills in place. Knowing, and having practiced, how to control the speed of carving will help reduce the chance of injury.

3. Faster progression

Our lessons teach you the right technique from the start, so you don't have to form bad habits that will later be difficult to get rid of. Correct technique will also make you a better skier, and provide a faster progression.

Taking a class will also help you with your further development. We all hit a plateau on the learning curve, and an instructor will be able to help you work through problems that are holding you back. To receive

useful feedback, as well as tips and tricks, can help improve as a skier. Even professional skiers have coaches!

4. Useful knowledge about the mountain

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to take a course through the ski school. You will learn how to carry your equipment correctly, how to ski, and which rules and regulations to follow. The instructor also ensures that you stay on slopes that are suitable for you and your ability.

If you have skied quite a bit before, knowledge of the mountain's terrain can still be useful, and an instructor can take you to suitable slopes to practice exactly what you need to get better at.

5. Become the best version of yourself

Learning things on your own is great, but why limit yourself? Taking a lesson can help you break those limits and become an even better skier. Skiing with someone who is better than you will ensure your own progress. You can always improve!

6. Meet new people

Another fantastic reason to join a course is to meet others and learn from others. Ski resorts are full of professionally trained instructors, ex-pros and really good skiers - from whom you can learn so much. Instructors come in all ages, so you never know what might lead to a new friendship. If you're friends with a ski instructor, they usually can't hold back if you ask for tips.. they live for it! The most important thing is that they welcome everyone to the world of winter sports and hope you will join our little skiing community.

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