Bånseterkampene | Stisykling | Skeikampen


Bånseterkampene (1,202 masl). This detour offers breathtaking mountain biking on the high plateaus with stunning views on clear days.

Looking for a challenging and rewarding mountain biking experience? Then the Bånseterkampene are the perfect place for you! Just be sure to be prepared for the challenging terrain and the stunning views.

Bånseterkampene and Prestkampen (1,244 meters above sea level) are a popular destination for trail cyclists on Skeikampen for a reason. They are the starting point for some of the roughest descents in the area.

There are several entrances to the area, but the most common are via Skardbua and Gammeldalen. You can find a description of the routes to get there on S8 Slagsfjellrunden, Topptur til Prestkampen, or Peer Gyntstien.

Tour description

Once you reach the top of the Bånseterkamp massif, follow the path along the edge of the cliff. The path is a superb flowing trail interrupted by more technical sections. You can cycle all the way to the cairn east of Østre Bånseterkampen.

There are three descents to the south, one to the east (Bånsetra/Fåvang), one to the west (Skardbua), and one to the north (Kvitfjell). The descents to the south take you back to the starting point, while the others make the journey longer. Here are descriptions of the descents to the south and west (Skardbua).

Bånseterkampene Bluetrail

Starts in the gap between the middle and western Bånseterkampen and follows the blue-marked trail to Gammelsetra. The trail is very steep down the first hill before it winds its way down a small ridge with an earthy bottom all the way to the valley. Definitely worth the ride.


The trail starts in the saddle between Prestkampen and Vestre Bånseterkampen. It is the easiest trail down to the south and offers great speeds on a trail with dirt and sand. This is the longest descent and the most commonly used one. Be aware of a couple of technical sections in the upper part.


The trail starts at the top of Prestkampen and follows the ridge down towards Gammeldalen. This is Skeikampen's roughest bicycle descent. It is steep and winding, and great fun if you have the skills and courage. In the upper part, there are a couple of places that most people have to carry their bikes down. The rest of the trail is sandy bottom with tight hairpin bends at the top. In the middle part, the trail is somewhat washed out, so be careful.


The trail starts at the saddle between Prestkampen and Vestre Bånseterkampen, and follows the signs towards Skardbua. The trail is gentle for the first part down to and past the lake Svartvatnet, before it drops down a steep and fun ridge towards Skardbua.

The bicycle rental shop, Skeikampen Ski & Bike, has a map with all the bicycle routes.