Dørdalsrunden | Stisykling | Skeikampen


Length: 17.7 km. Ascent 491 m. Degree of difficulty: Medium to demanding.

A great two-hour round trip on a floating path with opportunities for fresh descents. Can be driven both ways. A trip up to the top of Dørdalsknappan is recommended if you like fresh descents.

Dørdalen – Storrøgna – Gråkampen – Røgnhøgda – Dørdalsknappan - Dørdalen

Tour description

Drive or order transport 8km along Peer Gyntveien to the car park under the power line in Dørdalen. Follow the path up under the power line. Turn left at the top so that you get the water Skjellbreia on the right. When you reach the water Storrøgna, turn right over the stream and follow the T-marked Peer Gyntstien on the south side of Storrøgna. Turn left at the crossroads when you reach the small cabin. Follow the path over the mound by the cabin, on the east side of Storrøgna and up to the trail junction under Gråkampen. Feel free to take the trip to the top or turn left at the junction. After a nice descent, you should turn right over a small valley. Follow the path around Røgnmyrin.

Keep right on the main path when you start the climb after the marshes. (Alternatively, follow the path along the ridge and turn right at the junction at the top.) After another nice descent, turn sharply left at the bottom and follow this across the plain to the junction. Turn right at the junction and follow the Peer Gyntstien down to the road. (Alternatively: Turn left onto Peer Gyntvegen and follow this to the signposted viewpoint. Follow the path from the car park up to the top of Dørdalsknappan. From here there are two fresh descent options: down along the ridge to Svellesetra or off the edge down towards Hovesetra. ) Turn right when you arrive out onto Peer Gyntvegen and left at the first intersection and follow the road past Ånekresetra to Hovesetra and take the path to the east there. Follow the Bukkerittrace back over the mound, down to the stream and up to the car.

The route is not signposted in its entirety, so a map should be brought with you. For your information: The area has grazing sheep and cattle.

The bicycle rental, Skeikampen Ski & Bike, has a map with all the bicycle routes.