S2 Helgafossenrunden | Stisykling | Skeikampen


Length: 4.6 km. Ascent: 85 m. Degree of difficulty: Medium

Nice technical trail bike ride on the remains of the more than 100-year-old historic trail along the river. Nice to take as a small evening trip on the day of arrival.

Tour description

The tour starts at Høyfjellstunet. Follow the road eastwards and turn right onto the footpath at the driving range/Segalstad seats. Cross Skeisvegen and cycle down to the first crossing in Fjellandsbyen. Turn right at the intersection and left down the light trail. Follow the light trail down to the large open space at the first bend. There the path goes straight ahead into the forest. Follow this down along the river past Helgafossen. Down at the treatment plant you follow the road standing left straight towards the top of Skeikampen. Keep left onto the path at the edge of the forest and follow this back to Fjellandsbyen. Remember to close the gates. Follow the road straight ahead through Fjellandsbyen until you are back at the junction at the entrance.

Follow the same route back past the driving range/Segalstad seats to Høyfjellstunet.

The bicycle rental, Skeikampen Ski & Bike, has a map with all the bicycle routes.