S6 Skeikampen rundt lang | Stisykling | Skeikampen

Skeikampen Rundt (long)

Length: 12.6 km. Ascent: 362 m. Degree of difficulty: Medium to demanding.

Høyfjellstunet – Gammeldalen – Torsdalsleitet - Velkomstsenteret

This is a perfect evening tour on the day of arrival. It can be cycled both ways but has very different characteristics depending on the direction. Towards the sun, you take the climbs on a gravel road and can play your way down the approx. 5 km long descent back to Skeikampen. With the sun, you have to expect some rolling on the path on the way up and dirt road back.

Tour description (towards the sun):

The trip goes from Høyfjellstunet along the signposted bicycle and walking route route S6 Skeikampen around long. Start by cycling up the hill in the alpine facility. Turn left at the intersection in the middle of the hill and keep this to Torsdalsvegen. Follow Torsdalsvegen to the old valley at the end of the road. Take the path signposted to the left at the setra and follow it over the top. In the ski run at the top, the path goes in diagonally to the left and over the shoulder. Follow this path past the gaphuken. When you cross the alpine slope, cycle straight ahead over the small bridge and keep the path straight ahead until you reach the road again. Turn left onto Setervegen and right down the road through the alpine complex back to Høyfjellstunet.

The bicycle rental, Skeikampen Ski & Bike, has a map with all the bicycle routes.