Slagsfjellturen | Stisykling | Skeikampen


Length: 28.9 km. Ascent: 764 m. Degree of difficulty: Medium to demanding.

Great trail bike ride in the high mountains with floating path and fresh descents.

Skeikampen – Dørdalen – Storrøgna – Slagsfjella – Skeikampen

Walk 12 km along Peer Gyntveien to the junction at Larvheitjønnin.

Ride the T-marked Peer Gyntstien under the power line up to the top of Røgnhøgda. When you reach the water Storrøgna, turn left over the stream and follow it on the south side of Storrøgna, and continue on playful, slightly hilly paths almost all the way to Skardbua. Turn right towards the signposted "S8 Slagfjellarunden" by the small pond on the last descent. Follow this up to the top

Enjoy the descent on the gentle, winding path down the west side of Øvre Massingtjønnet towards Peer Gyntveien. Turn left onto Kristian-råket (wood signs) just before you tip down the last steep section.

Follow Kristian-råket over the top and onto the ridge Ørnkampen. Keep left there and accelerate down towards Svarttjønnet and further across the river to the junction at Avlundkampen west. Turn right at the intersection and keep up the speed until you reach the cozy Skeistua cafe, which offers sour cream waffles and cold, well-deserved drinks.

The route is not signposted in its entirety, so a map should be brought with you. For your info: The area has grazing sheep and cattle.

The bicycle rental, Skeikampen Ski & Bike, has a map with all the bicycle routes.