S10 Bjørgarunden | Hiking | Skeikampen


S10 Bjørgarunden: Length: 4,6 km. Elevation gain: 162 m. Highest point: 938 m.

A great family-friendly hike with stunning views of Gausdal and Lillehammer.

This hike starts at Austlid Fjellstue and winds its way through forest terrain and cabin fields, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The trail is relatively easy and is perfect for families with children.

Route description

The hike starts at Austlid Fjellstue. From there, follow the road west through the cabin yard and onto Veslesetervegen. Continue straight ahead at the next intersection and follow the road up to the highest point. At this point, turn right onto the path that leads up the hill. Follow this path to the top, where you will find a cairn and a book where you can sign your name.

To return to Austlid Fjellstue, follow the main trail north and down to the cabin field. Keep right at the first intersection and follow this road down to Liesetervegen. Turn right onto Liesetervegen and follow it back to Veslesetervegen and then back to Austlid Fjellstue.

The route is signposted S10 Bjørga/Austlid.

We hope you enjoy this hike!