S13 Panoramic Trail | Hiking | Skeikampen
This trip will take you on a great trip along the ridge of Skeikampen.

The Panoramic Trail

The S13 Panoramic Trail is 1123 meters above sea level. The hike to the top takes about 1 hour along beautiful scenery.

This trip will take you on a great walk along the ridge of Skeikampen and the view from the top is fantastic. Here you get a great view of the mountains and Peer Gynt Vegen, Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell, as well as the golf course and the area around Skeikampen.

Tour description:

Follow the gravel road up to the top. When the road ends, you can follow the slalom route up. Choose the one that suits you best. 

When you reach the terminus of the chairlift, follow the trail that goes east towards Steinhytta. Here you can easily enter the yellow trail Panoramastien. Follow the trail past the top of the innermost ski lift and down to the trail junction where the yellow trail crosses the T-marked Peer Gyntstien. If you choose to go to the right, the trail is about 3 km long and you follow the downside of the ridge at Skeikampen back again. Here you get good views of the upper golf course. Or you can follow the trail to the left, then it is about 4 km to walk. This route takes you on the west side of the mountain with views of Peer Gynt Vegen, Skeistua and Skei Fjellkirke.