S3 Kyrakampenrunden | Hiking | Skeikampen


S3 Kyrakampenrunden: medium. Length: 13.5 km. Ascent 362 m. Vertex 950 m.

Family-friendly hike in the woods and high mountains on easy trails with fishing and swimming opportunities.

Skeikampen – Austlid – Kyrakampen – Trisnippsetra – Skeikampen

For those who want more activities and challenges on the trip, there is a permanent tour orientation network in the area Austlid/Kyrakampen. More information about this can be found at the reception at the Welcome Center.

Tour description

From Høyfjellstunet, the tour goes along the sign cycling and hiking route S3 Knutsholoa past Paradis and left on Veslesetervegen towards Austlid Fjellstue.

Follow Veslesetervegen and turn left at the junction at Lake Veslesetervannet. Follow "The road around the lake" for a few hundred meters and turn off on the trail at the intersection in the middle of the hill. At the top of the hill follow the mountain road for about 200m before turning left onto the trail and left onto the road after about 200m. The main trail to Kyrakampen starts at the end of the road. 

Follow this past Ulvtjønnet and all the way to the top. Just below the summit on the north side you will find the old silver mine Knutsholoa. Feel free to go inside, but not without a lantern. The mine is quite deep and dark and at the ends there is a deep hole filled with water.

From the top, the trail descends steeply northeast past two small ponds before tipping off the edge of Klevaberga. Once down the road, turn left onto Veslesetervegen and right onto the path towards paradise right after the bridge.

Follow this past idyllic Paradis and further up back to Høyfjellstunet.

The route is signposted S3 Knutsholoa.