S5 Skeikampen rundt - short | Hiking | Skeikampen

Skeikampen rundt (short)

Length 8.5 km. Ascent 315 m. Vertex 1057 m.

A great trip that shows the different habitats Skeikampen has to offer. The tour is suitable for most people.

The trail "Skeikampen Rundt" is about 8 km long to walk, in easy ascending terrain. The trail will showcase Skei from several sides, from forests and bare mountains, to the highest point where you get a fantastic view of the mountains around you. Here you will see Jotunheimen far away in the northwest, and Rondane in the north. The white tops stand out well from the others.

The tour starts at Høyfjellstunet. Follow the gravel road up the hill towards Skeikampen and turn left on Setervegen. Turn left onto the trail to the northwest after about 200 meters. This is part of the orange trail that goes around the mountain. As the trail begins to rise slightly, the terrain also changes. Now the shrubs and trees are getting lower and denser, and you get a good view of several nice peaks. Here you may meet cyclists and riders, as this is a popular hiking area.

Turn right at the shelter: then the climb begins, not much, but just right so that you get warm. When you come up you are at about 1050 meters above sea level, and have a good overview of Skeikampen's two sides. In the north you have mountains, scrub forest and snow, while in the south you have forests, pastures and pastures. Just below you have Torsdalen with its heart-shaped water. Follow the trail south, but instead of following the trail to the top, we take the T-marked Peer Gyntstien trail that runs along the side of the mountain. Then you get the steep mountainside on your right hand and eventually see parts of Scandinavia's highest lying 18 hole golf courses on your left. Here you will also see the "skaret", also a popular off-piste for the tough in winter. Follow the T-marks back to Høyfjellstunet.

The route is marked S5 Skeikampen around short.