S6 Skeikampen rundt - lang | Hiking | Skeikampen

Skeikampen Rundt (long)

Length: 12.6 km. Elevation gain: 362 m. Highest point: 1039 m.

Great hike in mountain landscapes and high mountains on nice trails and gravel road.

Høyfjellstunet – Torsdalsleitet – Gammeldalen – The Welcome Centre

Tour description

The tour starts at Høyfjellstunet. Follow the gravel road up the hill towards Skeikampen and turn left onto Setervegen. After about 200 meters, turn left onto the trail to the northwest. This is part of the orange trail that goes around the mountain.

As the trail begins to rise slightly, the terrain also changes. The shrubs and trees become lower and denser, and you get a good view of several nice peaks. This is a popular hiking area, so you may meet cyclists and riders along the way.

Follow the trail over your shoulder at Avlundkampen and into the ski slope in Torsdalsleitet. Continue over the top and further down to the farm in Gammeldalen. From there, the hike follows a gravel road back to Høyfjellstunet.

We hope you enjoy this hike!