S7 Prestkampen | Hiking | Skeikampen


S7 Prestkampen: Length: 1.3 km. Elevation gain: 300 m. Highest point: 1244 m.

Great summit hike to the highest mountain in the area.

This challenging hike takes you to the highest mountain in the Skeikampen area, Prestkampen. The summit offers stunning views of 360 degrees, including the national parks Jotunheimen and Rondane.

Route description

The hike starts in Gammeldalen. To get there, follow the S6 Skeikampen Rundt trail from Høyfjellstunet or drive Torsdalsvegen into Gammeldalen. The trail starts to the west (left) from the farm in Gammeldalen. Follow this trail up to the next trail junction and turn right up towards Prestkampen. This is where the steep climbing begins. The trail follows the ridge all the way to the top.

The route is signposted S7 Prestkampen.

We hope you enjoy this hike!