Hike to Skeikampen | Hiking | Skeikampen
The top of Skeikampen is our most popular hiking destination.

Summit trip to Skeikampen

A popular and easily accessible mountain hike, which offers a fantastic view of the mountains and Peer Gynt Vegen, Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell, as well as the golf course and the area around Skeikampen.

The top of Skeikampen is our most popular hiking destination, it is easily accessible and offers fantastic views. The stone cabin at the top is open so you can go inside if it is windy.

Tour description

The finest route to the top actually goes along the route to the hill race Skeikampen Opp. Then you get off to a slow start.

The tour starts at Høyfjellstunet. Follow the gravel road west past Vikingland and the golf course up to Peer Gyntvegen. Follow Peer Gyntvegen about 300m up to the crossing Setervegen at the mountain church. Follow Setervegen until you reach the ski resort and turn left up the construction road. Follow this up the "zorro-svingene" until you have passed the steepest.

When you get up on the brink, keep right onto the yellow-marked trail. These are the remains of the old cariole ridge to the top. Follow the trail until you reach the ski resort again. Turn upwards in the ski resort 100m and walk the trail to the right of the bergrabben. Now you're back on the old cariol row that leads you straight to the stone cabin.