Flotte sykkelruter

Five bike tours with mountain views

With its narrow sheep tracks and beautiful high mountain trails, Skeikampen is a dream destination for cycling enthusiasts.

It is not without reason that Skeikampen is known for being one of Norway's best places for cyclists. Here you will find both challenging routes and good mountain and saddle roads. The trail network from Skeikampen is also connected to Gålå and Kvitfjell, so here you just have to pick and choose.

1. Bånseterkampene

It is not without reason that Bånseterkampene and Prestkampen (1244m) are a favorite destination for trail cyclists at Skeikampen. Bånseterkampene offers, among other things, fantastic trail cycling on the high mountains and a view that will take your breath away. See tour description here.

2. S8 Slagsfjellrunden

Slagsfjellrunden is a technically demanding route with several epic descents on winding high mountain paths. The trip gives you access to Skeikampen's funnest descent from Slagsfjella towards Peer Gyntvegen and a number of other treats. See tour description here

3. S11 Panoramastien

This bike tour is mountain biking at its best! The panorama trail takes you from the top of Skeikampen (1123m) and through the most beautiful high mountain trails Skeikampen has to offer: Skeikampen – Avlundkampen – Skardbua – Røgnhøgda – Fagerhøi.

The panorama path goes in easy-cycling high mountain terrain with a lot of floating path and some technical challenges. The trip is otherwise great both ways. See tour descriotuin here. 

4. S6 Skeikampen rundt lang

This is a perfect evening tour on the day of arrival. The route can be cycled both ways, but has very different characteristics depending on the direction you choose. If you cycle towards the sun, you take the climbs on a dirt road and can play your way down the approx. 5 km long descent back to Skeikampen. If you are cycling with the sun, you must expect some rolling on the path on the way up and on the dirt road back. See tour description here. 

5. Dørdalsrunden

Dørdalsrunden is a great two-hour round trip on a path with opportunities for fresh descents. The route can be run both ways, so here you choose which end you want to start at, or whether you want to make it an extra long trip and cycle both ways. See tour description here.

Bike rental at Skeikampen

At Skeikampen, arrangements have been made for everyone to experience Skeikampen from the bicycle seat. Skeikampen Ski & Bike has a large selection of trail, mountain and electric bikes for hire.

You can also rent helmets, bicycle seat, bicycle trailer, repair kit with pump, bicycle lock and other necessary accessories when renting a bicycle.

Read more about bike rental at Skeikampen.